Omega 8003 Juicer Nutrition Center Single – Best Juicer on The Market

Omega J8003 juicerWith a lot of commercial juicers out there, taking your pick on which one to but might prove to be a challenge. But there is one that I think exceeds the expectations of consumers, and this is Omega 8003 Juicer Nutrition Center Single-Gear. It is the best juicer on the market. I have tried and tested it enough to be able to claim that this is really a good and reliable juicer.

If you’re thinking of purchasing an Omega 8003 Juicer, make sure that you’re familiar with the different sides: the good, the bad, and the things that make it unique despite its flaws. Juicing with Omega juicers brand is a good start on your path to healthy living. No other Masticating juicer can be compared to Omega juicers. They keep adding innovative products to its varied line of juicers in order to meet the requirements of its customers.

This best juicer on the market is just one of the durable Omega juicers constructed to withstand a longer life. The masticating method of this product allows you to perform various functions such as mincing and grinding. This juicer is stylish as well as performance oriented. The elegant design doesn’t compromise on efficiency.

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Features and Specification fo Omega 8003 Juicer

  • Commercial masticating juicer with 1/3-HP single-phase induction motor
  • Multi-purpose function. Can be a grinder, mixer, juicer, and even pasta maker.
  • Automatic pulp ejection system making it easy to use and clean afterward.
  • A two stage extracting system, making sure you maximize the food items you juicing out.
  • The reverse mode helps prevent pulp from getting stuck.
  • The motor is a single phase induction motor, designed specifically for this juicer.
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble for cleaning and storage.
  • Low-speed motor (80 rpm) ensures freshness of the extracts, prevents foaming, and making sure the enzymes are not oxidized due to extra heat from the grinding process.
  • Measures 14-1/2 by 6-1/2 by 15-1/2 inches
  • A 10-year warranty which assures you that even after a long time, they can fix your machine.

Omega 8003 Juicer, Best Juicer On The Market

omega 8003 juicer reviewsSome of the most impressive features of this juicer include a dual- stage juicing system which is planned for maximum efficiency. There are juicers which are exclusively built only for grinding vegetables and fruits. Also, this product takes one of the top places in juicer ratings because it can be used for multiple purposes such as peanut butter making, grinding flour and coffee beans.

You can now add more spice to your life, as the Omega 8003 juicer is capable of mincing herbs as well as aromatic spices. Another notable feature of this best juicer on the market is that the product comes with pasta nozzles which make it possible to produce homemade pasta.

When you compare juicers of other brands, this chic product has an automatic pulp-ejection function which facilitates continuous juicing (you don’t have to stop in the middle of juicing to empty the pulp container). This great feature makes it ideal for domestic as well as commercial use.

Different kinds of fresh juices can be made in an instant, which can satisfy even long lines of customers. Moreover, the quiet operation of this product makes it suitable to be used in a corporate location. Just like the other Omega juicers, this product prides itself of heavy duty construction. To prevent vegetables or fruits from getting stuck in the juicer, the product comes with a built in reverse model.


If you compare juicers of other brands with the Omega J8003, you will find that there won’t be any wastage of juice as this model is capable of wringing out every last drop of juice. The nutritional content is retained in the juice thanks to its Masticating Juicer features which prevent heating of the products. It chews up leafy greens including wheatgrass or other vegetables and fruit.

Chopping the fruits or vegetables into pieces before feeding them into the magical machine will give you better results. This Omega juicer carries a 10-year warranty, this durable juicer outlives its warranty in most cases.

In case you find any part that does not function well then Omega will replace it free of cost, provided it has not been damaged due to improper usage.It is highly recommended that you clean the juicer immediately after using it for easy maintenance.

Omega J8003, the best juicer on the market is really impressive, very compact and operate quietly. The operations are very smoothly, quickly, and effortlessly that produces superior juices with no froth, cold and very fresh tasting. It comes with very few parts and really sturdy. The cleanup process is completely easy and quickly. No mess stuck on the screen that you requires you to have extra work at it. This is a great juicer, and at this price, it’s even more incredible, this is definitely worth the price.

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The Positive Reviews

One feature that I think can affect this machine juicer is the power. Though it is specifically designed to be low-speed at 80 rpm motor. It crushing harder vegetables and extracting might not be as efficient as compared to the high-speed ones.

The fact that some parts are also mostly in plastic can be detrimental in the long run. A preferred choice for most is the stainless steel body or components because it is stronger, easier to clean. Also, lasts for a longer period of time without breaking. But other than that, in terms of performance, there really isn’t much to say about this juicer.

The Negative Reviews

On the other hand for the positives of this machine, there are so many to mention about this. Its dual stage system for extraction certainly squeezes more juice out of the fruits, and in fact, you will have around 20% more from this product.

Freshness is also a big factor, as the low rotating speed will help ensure that the vitamins and minerals are retained without oxidizing them in the extractor. The easy to use and easy to clean juicer system is certainly a feature most kitchen people would love. Since cleaning up after use is one of the hardest jobs in the kitchen. As you can see, the benefits outweigh the detriments of using this juicer system.

Omega 8003 juicer


In summary, this Omega 8003 Juicer model is really something that will be worth the time and effort in buying. This best juicer on the market is giving you savings in the long run because you get to maximize the fruits and vegetable juice extract.  Giving a healthier you in the long term case too since freshness is preserved by the unique system this machine employs.

It is an all in one juicer which can be deployed for grinding wheatgrass, apples, citrus fruits, baby food and even hard nuts. Juice lovers who look for variety in juicing daily will appreciate the performance of the Omega J8003. It has an elegant chic and can be placed on the counter top as the latest show-off gadget. This small juicer gives you countless advantages. This best juicer on the market undoubtedly fulfills the purpose for which it was made for.

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