Juice or Smoothie, Which Is Better?

One of the most popular questions I get asked is: Should I juice or drink smoothies? There isnt a black and white answer to this questions.  Because although they are both a healthy choice, they do serve slightly different purposes.

Why You Should Juice

juicesOne of the best reason to juice, is because it gives your body a chance to rest while still getting the valuable nutrients.  When you juice, you remove the pulp.

Since its all liquid, your body doesnt have to do any work to absorb the nutrients in the juice.  So, instead of trying to digest all the solid food, your body now has a chance to repair and heal itself.

The best analogy I can give you is this:  Imagine you are trying to do a spring cleaning.  But you got your kids running around, your significant other trying to get your attention, and your dog tracking mud all over the house.

Its almost impossible to get anything done, right?  The solution, is to ask your lovely husband or wife, to take the kids and the dog out to the park for a few hours, so you can have the house to yourself. Now you can focus on cleaning every corner of the house to your hearts desire, without any distraction. In this case, you are the bodys natural desire to heal itself,  the house is your body, and your husband, kids, and the dog is solid food.

Why You Should Drink Smoothie

smoothiesOne of the reasons to drink smoothie is because its so healthy, convenient and filling. Because when you make smoothies, you dont separate the fiber. Fiber is essential for a healthy digestive system, and it keeps you feeling satisfied.

It literally takes a couple of minutes to make a big glass of smoothie, compare to 20, to 30 minutes to make a meal.  It makes perfect meal replacements or healthy in between meal snacks.

If we use the house as an example:  Imagine you ask your husband or wife to take everyone out of the house, and they decide to go to Disney World for two weeks without you. At first, you are in heaven!  But after a whileyou feel kind of lonely and empty. You miss them, because they are what makes a house a complete home.

When you drink a smoothie, its like having the perfect familyyour better half, your kids, and even your dog all help out around the house.  They clean up, they mow the lawn, help out with chores and even the dog brings in the news paper!


When it comes to choosing between juicing and drinking smoothies, I personally believe you should do both. There is no reason why you need to stick to only juicing or only drinking smoothies. You will get the best of both worlds.  And with the Breville BJE820XL, you can do both in the same appliance.  There is no need to spend money on two different appliances that will take up more room in your kitchen, and there is no need to clean two different machines.

I hope this article helps clear up some questions you have about juicing and smoothies. If you are interested in the Breville BJE820XL, take a look at our Breville BJE820xl Review. If you are looking for some easy and delicious juice and smoothie recipes, I would highly recommend the Big Book Of Juices.  It has over 400 wonderful juice and smoothie recipes!

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