Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus – Best Affordable Juicer 2017

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain plusAfter reading through countless online reviews regarding the countertop Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus is the best affordable juicer. You’ll be tempted to skip going the cheap route and stepping up to this first rate juicer, especially if you’re serious about juicing, and for the long haul. While the lower priced Breville juicers are an excellent choice for people on a budget, coming in at around $100, for just $50 more the JE98XL is a very worthy investment.

Why Is This Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus So Great?

The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus costs about $150 and it is one of the best affordable juicers in the market that are powerful and reliable. It also has a stylish metallic finish that goes well with any of today’s contemporary kitchen appliances and it is also easy to clean the juicer, keeping its shiny exterior and pristine interior.

This juicer cuts fast leaves little pulp and has a wide mouth entrance for fruits and veggies. This dual speed, no nonsense juicer, powered by 850 watts at 12,000RPM and 6,500RPM, for both hard and soft ingredients.

Among other things, the online reviews have mentioned that this best affordable juicer is great for anyone who needs speed when it comes to juicing, who wants one that is easy to set up and clean, and even that in their opinion there is no comparison to other juicers in this price range.

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Features of The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus, The Best Affordable Juicer include:

Extra-Wide 3-Inch Feeder Chute

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain plusThis feature makes it even easier to whip up fresh, tasty juice, saving you a lot of time because you won’t need to cut what you’re juicing into tiny pieces to get them to fit in the chute.

850 Watt, Dual Speed Motor with a Stainless Steel Slicing Disc

Power like this, along with its robust stainless steel cutting disc means you’ll get that pulp and those extra chunks cut to bits. This is one of the most powerful juicers on the market in this price range.

Cleaning It Is A Snap

Just about everything is dishwasher safe with most Breville juice fountains the 1-liter juice jug and froth separator. You’ll even receive a cleaning brush to clean a bit yourself if need be. Even the parts that aren’t dishwasher safe are easy to clean.

Keeps It Nutrient Rich

Breville’s exclusive patented juicing system and Nutri disc extract more nutrients than alternative juice machines and transfers under 1.8F of heat, protecting enzymes and maximizing nutrient absorption.

Lots Of Nice Extras

The included safety arm makes it one of the safest juicers around, the overload protector makes it easy to juice without burning it out, the large collection tray for pulp means you won’t have to deal with any pulp left behind, and Breville’s patented direct central feed system guarantees maximum juice extraction.

Positive Reviews

  • Extremely powerful. Once you start using this juicer you’ll never want to stop; it’s just that powerful and easy to use.
  • Safety! While most juicers are safe to use none of them have this level of protection against overloading.
  • A pulp tray you’ll appreciate; it captures all those chunks and nasty extra bits you don’t want floating around in your juice; you can just dump them out.
  • The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus is easy to clean and to use. It takes just a couple minutes to clean and most parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Different settings for different fruits and vegetables; this is a biggie when it comes to juicing. The high and low settings work great. The low setting will chop softer fruits and vegetables perfectly while the high speed is better for hard fruits and vegetables.
  • 1-year warranty. It’s a nice add-on and while it has been said to last for years it’s nice having that warranty just in case.
  • Gotta love cord storage. You can wrap the power cord around the storage area beneath the blender, keeping it out of the way.
  • Lots of juice. The juicer can whip you up 1 liter in each session. That’s a lot of juice!
  • Cutting disc instead of blades which are said to work wonders when it comes to juicing. I imagine it comes down to personal preference but with a cutting disk, you’ll have far less pulp left in your juice than with other blade assembled juicers.

Negative Reviews

  • Warranty is limited. Their products are said to last for years according to the online testimonials so it’s difficult to say if this can really be considered a downside.
  • The price can be a barrier for those who haven’t owned juicers before but keep in mind that there’s a hefty chance that buying a cheap one will mean that you’ll be less than satisfied with the performance, and probable longevity.

Where can You Find a Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus?

breville je98xl juice fountain reviewWe think that the best place to purchase this best affordable juicer is on This particular juicer model ranks in the TOP 5 Juicers sold on all of Amazon and includes free shipping.  Browsing for this product online, it looks like they also have the best price that we could find online. Coupled with the free shipping, this juicer is a great deal available. Click here to view it on Amazon.


There are a lot of juicing machines out there that might cost less than this model but not many that will function as well, and for as long. Individuals who have purchased this model have reportedly loved having the circular cutting disk slicing, dicing, basically pulverizing their fruits and vegetables. This is due to, the juice they get is for the most part straight juice because there’s hardly ever any left over chunks or pulp to deal with.

Best of all, the clean up is a piece of cake; you can scrub it with the brush, rinse it or just toss most of the parts in the dishwasher when they need a deep cleaning.

For first time juicers, the price can seem a bit much but most the juicer that comes in under $100 don’t deliver the value or the added features that the Breville JE98XL juice fountain plus has going for it. Plus, according to almost all the online testimonials, the Breville Company’s products are extremely durable despite what the limited warranty might tell you.

If you are ready to step into the world of juicing and are willing to make the investment in both your health and enjoyment (delicious juice), you should definitely consider buying it. If you aren’t sure if juicing is for you then you could try out a cheaper version first but chances are, once you are hooked, you’ll come back and get this best affordable juicer on the market from Breville anyway. Click here for the best price of the Breville JE98XL juice fountain plus on

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